NEW Tru-Life 5

The Tru-Tungsten Tru-Life 5 inch Swimbaits are a collaborative design created by swimbait kings Ish Monroe and Matt Newman. Each Tru-Life bait comes with 2 removable tungsten balls that can be added to the built in chamber. The tungsten balls can be added or subtracted to customize the fall rates. The 5 inch Tru-Life is available in two versions, a WAKE/SLOW SINKING to catch fish when they are feeding on top or shallow and a SLOW/FAST sinking version to get down faster and deeper. Read more



Mad Maxx from Tru-Tungsten takes tournament frog fishin to a new level. A unique pro-drain keeps water out of the frog and keeps water out of the frog and keeps you fishing. Tungsten rattles bring fish to the frog in the heaviest of cover. The super strong, super sharp Mihatcii hook was designed to fit Maxx perfectly. Read more


The Depth Shad

They are available in two sizes - 4-inch and 5-inch, unweighted (4 to a pack) or weighted (3 to a pack). And, as if that wasn\'t enough, the Depth Shad is available in six fish catching colors - White Pearl, Silver Flash, Shad, Chartreuse Shad, Blueback Herring and Rainbow Trout. Read more


Tru-Life 4inch Shad

The TRU-LIFE SWIMBAIT is the most realistic and versatile swimbait on the market. When the money is on the line or when I need a fish of a lifetime, this is the bait I go to! - Ish Monroe Read more


Tru-Life Swimbaits

Designed by Western anglers Matt Newman and Ish Monroe, the lures are the new age of swim baits. Actually three baits in one, the Tru-Life baits can be fished on the surface, mid depth range or in deep water. The lures come with - tungsten balls - that can be added or subtracted depending on the fall speed that you are looking for. Read more

Ehrler Wins on Shasta
Tru-Tungsten pro staffer, Brent Ehrler, showed his stuff on Shasta Lake at the FLW Series National Guard Western Division tournament, January 13-16. Fishing a flat that bordered deep water, Ehrler tossed Yamamoto plastics on a Picasso ?Shakedown? and Picasso ?Shake E Football? style jigheads and on a new wacky head style jig from Tru-Tungsten called the ?Flea Flicker? as he marched towards victory in the first event of the FLW Series National Guard Western Division for 2010.

Congratulations Brent!

There is a Difference in Swim Baits

Author: Captain Mike Gerry | Posted: 01/17/2010 As the swim bait craze continues to mature, and the technology keeps getting better; I have found that in the hard bait version of swim baits, there is a difference. The differences are subtle but none-the-less they do make a difference to me. The biggest difference maker is the ability to be life like in the water, to accurately mimic the true natural movement of a fish in water. If swim baits are going to catch fish it's movement has to be as life-like as possible and the Tru-Tungsten swim baits are so natural in the water that the human eye has a hard to impossible time determining the difference.

Called like a Pool Shot in the Corner Pocket

It is kind of nice when an angler in another boat tells his partner, watch this ?Rob is going to pitch his jig up to that lay-down and catch a 5-lber?. It is more amazing when it happens.


That is what happened on Day-1 of the TBF ? Federation Club Championship at Lake Granbury in November. We were having to fish in some dirty/muddy conditions, but the fish were biting for some (you just had to place the bait in front of their nose).


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Matt Newman and the 4" Shad

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