"The new Mad MAXX frog is the best frog on the market. It's design, color and hooks make it another quality tru-tungsten product . It's realistic, durable and fish choke it. Let's just say, I won't fish without one."
-- Michael Bennett Tru-Tungsten Prostaff 

"I designed the Ikey Heads to be the most versatile shaky head on the market. With different shapes, sizes and colors, there's an Ikey Head design for every situation. With it's unique, super-sharp M-bend hook, your bait stays in place. Try some of the new Ikey Heads today and experience the ultimate in jig worm fishing!"

--Mike Iaconelli, Tru-Tungsten® ProStaff



"Thanks to your product, I won the 2006 Indiana Bass Federation Classic. Tru-Tungsten® made my 2006 season!"

--S. Melton, Kokomo IN



"The T-Rig's unmatched components, design and characteristics make it an an indispensable tool for everyone's tackle box."

--Marty Stone, Tru-Tungsten® ProStaff



"The feel with your weights is phenomenal. One of the biggest testimonies that I can give is that I have used the same pitchin'/flippin' weight for the past 2 months and I [have yet to see a tooth mark on it. Your weights result in a better hook up without the traditional lead 'grab' on the set. Your products skate through a bass' mouth and result in the best hook-ups of any weight out there."

--T. Myers, Binghamton NY



"The Smart Peg is simply the most intelligent way to peg your sinker. It protects your line at the most critical point of contact while keeping your weight firmly against the bait, and still slides up your line when you need it to. Whether you are Carolina Rigging or shaking a finesse worm, the Force Bead out-rattles conventional plastic beads. The harder surface, combined with the Tru-Tungsten® weight, has better sound quality and also has a magnetic field--the 'force'--that I feel helps attract fish."

--Peter "T" Thliveros, Tru-Tungsten® ProStaff



"I will not be able to pick up a lead weight ever again!"

--K. Schieber, Cumming GA



"The Tru-Tungsten® design allows me to penetrate cover easier than is possible with traditional weights. The unique shape fits soft plastics to allow better life-like action. During the strike, the hardness of tungsten along with the unique shape keeps bass from holding on to the weight, causing it to easily slip past their teeth for sure hook-ups. No other weight will put more Flippin' fish in your boat. Trust me, this is what I use. Enough said."

--Denny Brauer, Tru-Tungsten® ProStaff



"Without Tru-Tungsten®, I wouldn't be as successful a tournament angler."

--J. Guess, Deland FL



"Your sinkers and your Ikey Heads...have changed fishing for me. The size and sensitivity advantage is amazing. I won't go back to lead."

--M. Norris, Streator IL



"I am as hooked on [the Peter "T" Force Beads as the fish I caught. Eight bass in less than an hour!"

--D. Reuter, Caledonia WI



"I run a chartering/guide service...I've had great success when chartering clients while using your products. Your new line up of weights have been absolutely phenomenal for all species."

--B. Rankie, St. Catharines, ON



"The performance of [the Peter "T" Force Bead was super...it is something I think every fisherman needs in their tackle box."

--L. Gross, Shiloh OH



"I have been using your products since they first came out and love them!"

--TJ Shockler, Weatherford TX



"I've been very successful using your products!"

--M. Dent, Ellenwood GA



"I've been using the tungsten worm weights and Ikey Heads this year with great success."

--J. Dudek, Tonka Bay MN



"I use your weights exclusively and believe that they are the best weights on the market."

--J. Shanks, Ankeny IA



"These jigs are by far the best I've ever fished with."

--T. Sisk, Cherryville NC



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