The Depth Shad
The new Tru-Tungsten Depth Shad was designed by Angler of the Year Pro Mike Iaconelli. The weighted Depth Shad is impregnated with pure tungsten creating a natural gliding presentation as it falls mimicking a real bait fish. It stays down while being fished fast or slow and can be twitched, jerked or "walk the dog". Its increased casting distance keeps the bait in the strike zone longer then conventional plastic jerk baits.


The Depth Shad is Hand Poured for incredible softness and increased action. The Tru-Life eyes, realistic paint schemes and high detail make it a must for all tackle boxes.


They are available in two sizes - 4-inch and 5-inch,   unweighted (4 to a pack) or weighted (3 to a pack). And, as if that wasn't enough, the Depth Shad is available in six fish catching colors - White Pearl, Silver Flash, Shad, Chartreuse Shad, Blueback Herring and Rainbow Trout.


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Spotlight: Tru-Tungsten worms won't collect dust

New jerkbait
Simply put, the new Depth Shad jerkbait will be awesome because of the tungsten dust added to the head of the well-designed minnow-imitation.


It comes in 4- and 5-inch versions in six colors, and an unweighted model is available. The body has a nicely humped design with a tapering tail going to a horizontal fork. It looks great. Read More

Extending their Tru-Life Lineup with New Hard and Soft Baits, Tru-Tungsten's Lineup for 2009
Tackle Tour 7/23/2008 - Last year, Tru-Tungsten dove into the soft plastic arena with their new weighted and unweighted worms. This year, they're extending that area by introducing a soft plastic jerkbait. Available in weighted or unweighted varieties, the Tru-Tungsten soft plastic Depth Shad will be offered in both a four and five inch version available sometime in the Fall of 2008. The weighted versions of this bait feature tungsten powder impregnated in two locations to ensure a nice, level fall of the bait in the water - just like a real baitfish. Read More

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