Tru-Life 4" Shad
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The Tru-Tungsten Tru-Life 4? Swimbaits are a collaborative design created by swimbait kings Ish Monroe and Matt Newman. Each Tru-Life bait comes with 2 removable tungsten balls that can be added to the built in chamber. The tungsten balls can be added or subtracted to customize the fall rates. The 4" Tru-Life is available in two versions, a WAKE/SLOW SINKING to catch fish when they are feeding on top or shallow and a SLOW/FAST sinking version to get down faster and deeper. Tru-Life Swimbaits mimic a fish?s natural movement utilizing a four segment design and adjustable weight chamber technology. Life-like scales, eyes and paint make this an irresistible bait for bass and other game fish.
Life-like scales, eyes and paint

Swimbait Professional Matt Newman demonstrates the New Tru-Life 4? Swimbait


ICAST 2008 ? FLW Outdoors Magazine editors? picks

By Jason Sealock - 23.Jul.2008 - Tru-Tungsten Tru-Life 4-inch Swimbait ? The Tru-Life family of swimbaits just got larger. Tru-Tungsten is now offering a shad-sized bait in their Tru-Life series. This bait was on display in a test tank at ICAST, and it was funny to see all the would-be buyers and media standing next to the water with their jaws dropped. Many pro anglers from other booths stopped in to ask Matt Newman and Ish Monroe when the bait would be available. This bait will feature Tru-Tungsten?s slip pin and removable tungsten balls to convert the bait from a slow sinker to a floater or a fast sinker to slow sinker (two models) in seconds. Those guys who do well walking Bomber Long As are going to love this bait. Read More

Tru-Tungsten announces new Tru-Life 4-Inch swimbait

Tackle Tour 7.13.2008 - Introduction: In just a few days at Icast, there will undoubtedly be thousands of new baits for anglers to gawk over. Among those introducing new baits is Tru-Tungsten. Batting lead off in the ?new bait lineup? for Tru-Tungsten is the 4? Tru-Life swimbait, a bait designed to ?match the hatch? in waters where smaller baitfish are the main course for bass. Read More

Ish on Wired2Fish

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Matt Newman and the 4" Shad

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