Tru-Life Swimbaits

are a collaborative design created by Tru-Tungsten® and swimbait kings Ish Monroe and Matt Newman. The swimbait is three baits in one. Floater, Slow Sinker, and Fast Sinker. Each bait comes with removable tungsten balls made to fit into the built-in chamber. The balls can be adjusted to customize the fall rate. The Tru-Life Swimbait minics a fish's natural movement with its custom Tru-Life eyes, life-like paint schemes and details.

Stock #
8" TRU-LIFE Rainbow Trout
9" TRU-LIFE Rainbow Trout


1. Tru-Tungsten Plain & Colored Worm Weights
2. Hackney's "Hack Attack" M-Bend Frog Hook
3. Peter "T" - Finesse Carolina Weights
4. Denny Brauer Flippin' Weights
5. Marty Stone Tungsten T-Rigs

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