Tru-Tungsten® Jigs, endorsed by Jason Quinn, are extremely low profile, allowing for incredible action and feel. Tungsten is 50% smaller than lead. Super-sharp black nickel hooks are used and the removable grommet skirt not only floats in the water with incredible life-like action, but also holds a scent and will not melt or stick to a trailing lure. These features combine to create the best jig on the market today.


Jason Quinn on the Tungsten Jig:
?I make my living fishing and that?s why Tru-Tungsten® Jigs are the only jigs I use. With Tru-Tungsten®?s no-snag head, grommet skirt and the Resonator ? the loudest tungsten rattle in the water ? I don?t worry about the competition anymore. Tru-Tungsten® allows me to fish a jig head much smaller than lead and gives me the most sensitivity possible. As far as I?m concerned, there?s only one jig in the water? a Tru-Tungsten® Jig!

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